Replace “Sale” with Percentage Discount in Woocommerce

30 October 2019 в 10:06 Woocommerce
Хотите я произведу настройку как описано в статье вместо вас? Стоимость работы: 500 руб. Срок исполнения: 1 час. Работаю без предоплаты.

Woocommerce is a very powerful e-commerce plugins f0r WordPress. It integrate seamlessly with many plugins, payment gateway, shipping courier, and many more.

Sometimes to make the customer of the e-commerce website more willing to check the product is to give a discount price. By Default, woocommerce only show green bubble with a “Sale” text on it. I think its not that good to catch customers attention. You can change the “Sale” with the Percentage Discount with this simple code. Just put this code on your theme’s functions.php file.


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